On Friday participants of the ERP2017 attend workshops. Each of the Workshop themes relates to the 2015 European Rural Manifesto and Action Programme. Six of the themes are also the subject of thematic projects related to the SPARCE project funded by the EC Europe for Citizens Programme.

Each Workshop will have a Facilitator to guide the discussion, and a Rapporteur to assemble the ideas arising and to bring these ideas into the central process of ensuring the voice of rural people and communities through a stronger and representative ERP-network. A declaration, an improved manifesto, a future action plan for the ERP-network and its thematic actions are expected as results. Each session of the Workshop may have a Presenter to provide brief examples of the theme. Each role is critical to achieving the required outputs of the Workshops, which will lead to the final outputs of the European Rural Parliament – Manifesto, Declaration and action plan.

Workshops are linked to the categories of the Third European Rural Parliament in Venhorst:
Workshops category: Creating future proof communities
Workshops category: Welcoming new people into the community
Workshops category: Making decisions together
Workshops category: Caring together and including others
Workshops category: Optimizing community infrastructure and services
Workshops category: Developing the community’s economic base


Some workshops are linked to more than one category.

Subscriptions to workshops and/or expeditions can NOT be made via this website.
You need to have an invitation for that option. Invitations are given to those who have registered to attend the Third European Rural Parliament. 

The information for this website has been carefully gathered. However, moderators are still working to prepare for their workshop and may decide for adjustments.

Themes for the ERP 2017

Visiting countries