Venhorst is part of Boekel Municipality and was founded in 1920 when the ferocious heathlands of the Peel were cultivated and reclaimed for agriculture. At present, about 1700 people are living here. The village did not get its present name until 1936. It was named after the many fens (= ‘vennen’) in the area and after the raise in the landscape (= horst) on which the village settled.

Once, these moors stretched from Grave in the North and went beyond Weert across the Belgian border to Neerpelt and Overpelt in the South. Driven by mechanization and globalisation, the growth potential for the agricultural sector turned out to be large and paid off: agriculture brought prosperity. In Noord-Brabant, the entire production chain from ‘farm to fork’ is well established. The province has become one of the most concentrated agri-food regions in the world. However, circumstances are changing fast, and in the last decades the sector has had to deal with reduced investments.

We would like you to explore the area around Venhorst while attending the European Rural Parliament 2017 and be inspired. Therefore, we have organised ten expeditions for Thursday October 19 to places nearby. These expeditions will introduce you to this part of Europe and help you identify similarities and differences with regards to the parts of Europe that you come from.

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with local people. Be our guest and find out more about our nature and the landscape we are familiar with. Learn about who we are; about our food and our energy and appreciate the character of some of our communities.

Expeditions are connected to the themes and categories of the third European Rural Parliament:
Our food
Our nature
Our energy

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