About Venhorst

In 2017 the European Rural Parliament will be organised in the Netherlands, a small country with 17 million inhabitants.  The country is known for its struggle against water but also because of the mix between cities and small, rural villages.

In the south of the Netherlands the municapility of Boekel is situated, attached is the small village Venhorst. The LVKK and the VKK Noord-Brabant (association of small villages) are organising the event here, together with the municipality of Gemert-Bakel and Boekel.

Venhorst is founded in the 1930’s when a church, some houses and a school were built. Less than a hundred years ago the area was a swamp. The rural area is now cultivated and prepared for agriculture and it is made habitable. At the moment there are 1700 inhabitants and the primary school has 200 pupils. It is a very active community who has done many things by themselves.

You can experience all this when you stay in Venhorst during the European Rural Parliament 2017!

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