The third European Rural Parliament will be hosted bij The Netherlands in the small town of Venhorst.

ERP2017 will bring to a climax the activities from our national and European partners as well as from work on key themes identified in ERP2015.

We will share our experiences, debate our recommendations, re-confirm the European Rural Manifesto and agree the Venhorst Declaration.

There will be field visits to the surrounding areas and an exciting social programme. The emphasis will be on the spirit and heart of the ERP – the people and communities. 

All the information about the program, the venues AND the people of Venhorst that will give you a warm welcome in their town will be added to this website in the next period of time. Don’t miss it!

Themes for the ERP 2017

Our food

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Our nature

Who we are:
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Our energy

How we can grow and develop: Read more…

Categories for local community affairs

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